System Info

Escape Sequences

Escape Sequence Description Dec Hex Char
\0 Null 0 01 NUL
\a Audible bell 7 07 BEL
\b Backspace 8 08 BS
\t Horizontal Tab 9 09 TAB
\n Line Feed - Newline 10 0A LF
\v Vertical Tab 11 0B VT
\f Form Feed 12 0C FF
\r Carriage Return 13 0D CR
\' Single quote      
\" Double quote      
\\ Backslash      
\? Question mark      
\000 Octal number - No one uses Octal unless they have an ICL background.      
\xhh Decimal table just for fun.\ Preprocessor line continuation, must be immediately followed by a newline.